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At Buy Solar Panel Guys we retail solar panels that are specifically made for varied uses. The two main types of solar lines from Buy Solar Panel Guys, include the grid-tie and the off grid panels. The grid tie panels are larger have more sunlight harnessing ability and have a greater power output in terms of kilowatts. The other use for solar panel types from Buy Solar Panel Guys is the off grid solar panels that provide energy for use on particular properties and installations that is independent from the main grid electric system.



Solar panels from Buy Solar Panel Guys are designed for various environments and terrains that can guarantee usage even where other sources of power cannot be realistic to work with such as the normal electric grid system. The design process at Buy Solar Panel Guys is normally meticulous and detailed to ensure the production of solar panels that can ensure maximum efficiency at the least available size of the solar panel surface. For customized solar panels, our experts first of all get to know the kind of specification that the client requires on the solar panel and includes it during the actual manufacturing of the customized solar panel.



When buying solar panels from Buy Solar Panel Guys clients are advised to compare the prices alongside the specification of a certain design of a solar panel. At Buy Solar Panel Guys we ensure that that the piecing of solar panels is done alongside the size, brand and productivity of a solar panel. For large scale purchases, the clients are bound to enjoy reduced costs due to the concept of wholesale buying that we have incorporated at Buy Solar Panel Guys. For affordable solar panels, contact us today by dialling 800-318-9640 and our professionals will guide you through the different specifications that define our solar panel trade for the best service to our clients.

For these and any other such services, please contact Buy Solar Panel Guys on 800-318-9640.

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It is crucial and indeed very important for clients never to purchase solar panels without a warranty attached to their price tag. At Buy Solar Panel Guys we ensure that all our solar panels have a warranty period within which the clients can return any malfunctioned solar panel to Buy Solar Panel Guys and still walk out with a brand new solar panel of the same brand, size, power output and design. The warranty concept is designed to safeguard our clients from the probability of errors in the production line that may arise due to uncontrollable variations. These variations are usually not common, so its nothing the prospecting client has to worry about.

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An important aspect that prospecting clients should consider is the location where they are undertaking the actual purchase of the solar panel. Buy Solar Panel Guys is a licenced dealer of quality solar panels that specialises in design, research and retail of durable solar panels. Any retailer of solar panels should have the necessary licencing from the authorities to safeguard the clients from falling for people who deal with substandard pieces. Dial 800-318-9640 today to consult with experts from Buy Solar Panel Guys who will ensure that the client is able to personally view the licence certificate to them before any transaction is undertaken.

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